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Our Vocational School Of Higher Education

Our vocational school of higher education was founded with the decision of The Council of Higher Education numbered 26282 and dated 02.10.2007. Our vocational school of higher education has educational area with 3 computer laboratory and 13 classes in total and has approximately 7000 m2 indoor and 6000 m2 outdoor area in addition to academic and administrative departments, laboratories, library, social facilities, conference hall and dining hall. Besides, additional implementation building (new cafeteria and dining hall) was completed. Practice hotel was put into service in 2010 for the department of Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services. Computer Programming Program, Electronics Technologies Program and Welding Technologies Program started education in the beginning of educational year 2009-2010 in addition to Accounting and Taxation Program and Tourism and Hospitality Management Program starting education in 2008-2009. Our university is situated in Cide which has spectacular nature with green and blue.


With the conscious of its existence and task that society expects from it, Cide Rifat Ilgaz Vocational School of Higher Education determined its mission as "to train patriot individuals who are scientific, tactful, modern, democratic, productive, sensitive to country and world problems, produce solution, accord different situations, have goals about future, use elements of leadership, communication and educational technologies, make conection among different disciplines, implement their knowledge to different fields, sensitive to art and culture, make a point of life long learning and of adapting themselves, entrepreneur, socially developed in the light of Ataturk's principles and reforms".


To become an education, research and implementation institution equal to leading vocational schools of higher education in national and international area. Values such as being a good human, patriotism, learner centeredness, rightness and reliability, participation, open communication, being scientific, protecting nature, honesty, dependence to ethical values, being open to new ideas, merit, leadership, responsibility, team spirit, social responsibility are our vision principles.