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In today’s construction systems, reinforced concrete structures are common. If we want our buildings to be undamaged or less damaged after an earthquake, we should not only know the rules for the construction but also know the rules related to concrete production and apply them to our structures.

Because of the above mentioned reasons, in 2007-2008 Academic Year, cide University Vocational School of Higher Education re-launched the program of Ready Mixed Concrete Technology which aims at promoting the common use of high-quality standardized concrete.

The aim of the Program, which is the first and only program in the field, is to train technicians who are well-equipped and knowledgeable about laboratory and worksite practices, and to whom over 500 ready mixed concrete stations need.


Universities have to take the requirements and realities of the country into consideration and anticipate the improving and changing conditions and form its educational activities accordingly.

In our country, 21% of the population lives in 1st degree earthquake zone and 31% of the population lives in 2nd degree earthquake zone. 98% of Large-Scale Industrial Centers and 93% of the dams are in earthquake zone. However, our society is not sensitive and interested enough in building production and residential planning which will lessen the damage an earthquake could cause. Because of this, the society suffers a lot from the earthquakes in terms of human life and property as in the case of 17 August earthquake disaster.

It is strength, economy, functionality and aesthetics that are required from a building. The quality of the building depends on safe ground, perfect project, high quality material and proper application steps. Therefore, as the expression states “A bad construction, not an earthquake, kills,”.

If the university candidates, who want to have an education in a technical program, select this program, they will both be trained as a highly-preferred professional staff and be an employee in a field that is not common in the country yet.

Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association, Concrete Admixtures Manufacturers’ Association provide practice and employment opportunities.

1 Assist. Prof. Dr. and 3 Instructors currently teach in the program on the regular basis. The personnel and the academic staff do their best to provide the students with a good education. The school has concrete laboratory with advanced equipment for the use of the students. In this program, the students are provided with both experimental knowledge they can encounter during application and theoretical and practical information.

Our students are encouraged to participate in such activities as conferences, symposiums and technical and social trips.


The objective of the program is to train technicians of ready mixed concrete who;

  • Can contribute technically to the ready mixed concrete productions which have been on the increase in our country.-,
  • Can make the calculations of concrete mixtures,
  • Have a good knowledge of concrete and its contents and direct concrete production accordingly,
  • Are able to understand and comment on the projects,
  • Can carry out any type of experiments on concrete in the concrete and material laboratories.


After taking transfer exams by OSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center) , the students of the 2-year ready mixed concrete technology program can attend 4-year programs of the following departments;

  • Civil engineering
  • Construction Teaching
  • Design and Construction Teaching


The graduates of the program are awarded with the title of “Ready Mixed Concrete Technician”. The graduates can be employed in ready mixed concrete companies, concrete and material laboratories and in state and building materials manufacturing departments of state and private enterprises.