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Academic Staff

This 2-year higher education program aims at training qualified semi-skilled manpower who can contribute to public administration by directing and managing work life or can launch and run his/her own work place. The courses in the program are designed for providing basic information and skills in the field. During the last year, the students have the opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge and skills into use by practice trainings related to their occupations. In addition, “Introduction to Computer” and “Package Program” laboratories within the main computer laboratory offer the students the chance to practice in the computers related to their subject matter area.


The quality and skills of the staff, for whom the public and private sector comprising work life, seek depend on the goals of institutions and enterprises, philosophy and politics of the institutions, and the environmental conditions. The mission of the program is to train qualified and skilled staff required by the enterprises which have a contemporary management policy and use the latest computer technology in its activities. Besides, the program aims at providing students with the knowledge about the inner structure and activities of an institution and the state establishments and private sector.

By the end of the management program the graduates should be able to;

  • Explain the characteristics of the enterprises,
  • Make research in the field individually or within a group,
  • Comprehend the concepts of research, development and application,
  • Learn and know the legal responsibilities of an administrator,
  • Comprehend the importance of obeying the regulations related to his/her occupation,
  • Identify the basic concepts related to economic and financial fields.

Furthermore, with the “Job Oriented Courses” of the second year, the program aims at eliminating the shortcomings of the students and improving their skills.

By the end of 2-year undergraduate education, the program also aims at equipping the students with the preliminary knowledge about finance and management, and bringing the students to a knowledge level where they, by the help computers, can do such accounting applications as keeping the accounting records and filling in accounting bills, arranging payrolls and preparing balance-sheets.

Management is the science which comprises the necessary facts needed for effective management of a country’s enterprises which play an important role in its economic system by taking the global circumstances into consideration. In this context, management education covers the process of the right decisions to use recourses effectively and productively, strategic management, marketing, financing, accounting, human resources and contemporary management techniques.

The graduates of the program are employed in state and private sector enterprises. Our graduates, besides industrial companies, can be employed at such private sector institutions as banks, tourism companies, consulting institutions, auditing companies, insurance companies, foreign trade companies, transportation companies.

The graduates of the program are awarded with the title of “Professional Employee”. The business manager plans the working system which ensures the best use of money, manpower and the equipment the institution owns and s/he audits the work done. The graduates can be employed in administration, production and marketing. They can also carry out the supportive tasks as determining the expenditures of institution, accounting, research & development and public relations.

Production, staff management, marketing, accounting, budget planning and financing are the fields where the graduates can be employed at state and private institutions. The salaries and working conditions depend on the graduate’s abilities and knowledge.


Banking, Banking and Finance, Banking and Financing, Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, Management, Administration and Information Management, Business Informatics, Business Teaching, Business Economics, Accounting and Financial Management, Accounting and Finance Teaching, Management of Health Institutions, Share Market, Insurance and Risk Management, International Finance, International Management, International Trade, International Trade and Finance, International Trade and Management and Management Information Systems.


The graduates of the 2-year program can register to the following 4-year programs of Anadolu University Faculty of Open Education;

  • Economics,
  • Management,
  • Labour Economics and Industrial Relations
  • Public Relations,
  • Public Administration.