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Child Development Program offers a two-year program for the graduates of girls’ vocational high schools, multi-programmed high schools, child development and education program of vocational open high schools who can enroll to the program without taking the university entrance exam. The graduates are awarded with an associate diploma.


Child Development Program aims at educating students as technical staff who;

  • adopt the importance of child development and education,
  • know development phases of the children aged between 0-18,
  • are knowledgeable about habits and requirements of the children aged between 0-18,
  • can take necessary precautions to solve their problems,
  • know the children with special needs and can arrange suitable learning environment for those children,
  • are conscious about mother health,
  • knowledgeable about the symptoms, protection ways and caring of the illnesses which are common among the children aged between 0-18,
  • obtain basic knowledge and skills on first aid practices,
  • can prepare and apply programmes at pre-school level,
  • can design toys for instructional purposes which are compatible with the children’s development levels and the new technologies,
    are able to overhaul the equipment s/he utilizes,
  • can prepare the menu and food according to food safety regulations,
  • solve the problems encountered both in the workplace and its environment by making use of his/her professional and technical abilities,
  • open to the technological innovations,
  • are entrepreneur,
  • have the ability to solve problems,
  • are sociable and cooperative
  • The candidates who would like to study in this program should;
  • like and care for children,
  • be patient,
  • be democratic,
  • be good at in human relations,
  • be open to the innovations,
  • be skillful,
  • be creative and productive,
  • be energetic and extravert,
  • be undismayed by hard-work, excessive reading and research,
  • be interested in visual arts such as music, painting, drama and play.


The graduates of the program can be appointed as;

  • Administrators, teachers and substitute teachers at private nurseries and kindergartens,
  • Administrators, teachers and substitute teachers at private education and rehabilitation centers,
  • Master Instructors at the kindergartens under the Ministry of National Education,
  • Parent pedagogues at private reserach and counseling institutitions,
  • Nursemaids at Mother Child Health Centers, Hospitals and Social Services and Child Care Services,
  • Designers at Child Publications and Toys Sector,
  • Caretakers for the children of working parents.

The graduates from this 2-year program can also enroll at 4-year graduate programs by taking a transfer exam.