Welding Technology

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Welding technology program purposes to educate qualified welders,crafts and experts who need industrial sectors by having both theoretical knowledge and the ability to practice.


Related to welding technology area;

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  • To define the properties of used materials,
  • To determine appropriate welding method,
  • To know and carry out basic process which is used in shaping metal,
  • To have theoretical acknowledge and ability to practice about oxy-gas, electric arc, brazing, stud welding, resistance welding, shielded carbon electrode welding,MIG,MAG, tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, plasma transfer arc (PTA) welding, laser welding and solid state welding (explosive, friction, friction stir,diffusion, ultrasonic and high-frequency),
  • To repair the mechanical failure of the welding machine,
  • To examine and solve problems occuring during welded connection of ferrous and nonferrous metalic materials,
  • To know the heat treatment techniques applied to metals,
  • To achieve and perform computer-aided design, construction related to shape of metalic material,
  • To gain ability to can read and draw professional technical drawing by means of computer.

Title Of Graduate Students

When this program is completed successfully and the program requirements are provided, students are entitled with "Welding Technician".

Admission Requirements

Students who want to enroll in the program have to complete the process/pass exams determined by OSYM within the scope of the university's academic and legal regulations.

Job Opportunities And To Be An Undergraduate Student

Graduates can work as technicians in iron and steel, aluminium, casting factory, machine, aviation, automotive, construction, ship industry incident to publicly or privately sector. In factories and workshops of public and private sector;

  • Graduate conducts activities related to the implementation of the business plan prepared by the engineer.
  • Graduate help engineers make a decision on which materials and method used while welding in the planning of production activities.
  • Graduate draws all types of welded structures and weld.
  • Graduate checks manufacture.
  • Graduate conducts quality control.

Students who gratuate from "Welding Technology" can attend programs given below after degree taking in External Transfer Exam (DGS) carried out by OSYM;

  • Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  • Material Engineering
  • Material Science and Engineering