Tourism and Hotel Management

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Tourism is one of the rapidly developing sectors in our country. With regard to this development, the need for trained employees has been increasing.The main aim of tourism training is to equip people with the knowledge through which they can understand and express opnions about the world better, resulting in making use of and leading them in tourism.This knowledge must be a solution not only for the problems of today’s world but also for the problems of business and social life of the future.

One of the most crucial problems faced by the developing countries like our country is unemployment. Turkey is a restricted country in terms of job finding opportunities for a considerable number of trained beginner workforce. In addition to experiencing similar problems all around the world, especially the need to satisfy the feelings of people such as curiosity, sightseeing, entertainment , relaxation and having holiday has increased thanks to decreasing working hours and accordingly increasing spare time, increase in the level of economic prosperity and the progress shown by communication and transportation technologies. This situation has led to rapid development of tourism sector both in our country and the world. As a result, countries have tended to develop and use tourism at the point of improving employment and decreasing unemployment.

As being able to use information and communication technologies effectively has become the only requirement of success, it has revolutionised the outlook of all students, who are getting vocational training, on education and business life. Especially, tourism being a sector which makes use of labor force heavily requires trained work force for the quality and productivity for the production of services.

The students of Tourism and Hospitality Management programme take the courses of Business Mathematics, General Tourism, Hotel Management, Front Office Services, Food and Beverage Services, Kitchen Services, Housekeeping, Customer Relationship Management, Staff and Foodstuffs Hygiene, Vocational Foreign Language and such vocational courses as well as general culture and general ability courses.

The students who graduate from Cide Vocational School of Higher Education, aiming to train intermediate staff for tourism sector which is one of today’s rapidly growing sectors, will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to take charge in different positions in tourism establishments.

Job Opportunities

Training and internship, which are based on professional practice, takes an important place to train qualified work force required by service industry. The students of Tourism and Hospitality Management Programme will be able to carry out their internship not only in the region but also in the hospitality all around the country.

A great deal of employment opportunites such as Travel Agencies, Food and Beverage Companies, Centers of Thermal Tourism, Tour Operator Companies, Congress and Conference Centers, Marina Industry, Airlines and Charter Companies, Maritime and Cruise Lines, various units of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Centers of Informatics and Academic Career for those who keep their studies with vertical transfer as well as hospitality are available for the graduates.

Departments To Be Transfered With External Transfer Exam (DGS)

Students who graduate from the programme get the “Tourism and Hospitality Management Two-year Diploma”. With External Transfer Exam, students can transfer to programmes such as Business Administration, Business Administration Informatics, Business Administration-Economics, Accomodation Management, Accomodation Management Teaching, Accomodation and Tourism Management, Logistic Management, Tourism Management, Tourism and Hotel Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Tourism and Guiding.